Lazy Eyes Alert!!!

Back to you for your health issues! I knew not everyone knows about amblyopia or lazy eye. Yes it’s a sickness for eyes which usually only occurs in one eye. I’ve been told that I suffered lazy eyes about two years ago so I hope this wordpress will actually help you!

Lazy eyes is usually happens on children with the age of 4, but if you didn’t realize and handle it well, the sickness will stay in your eye as you grow old! What is lazy eyes sickness? This is where your eye didn’t work well together with your brain, so your eye will have the weaker sight. Notices me, it is EYE, not both of your eyes. Your brain will automatically focus more on your eye with better eyesight, so if you didn’t receives treatment, it will get worse. AND again, lazy eyes seldom happen in both of your eyes but, still you got the chance.


How you know if you are amblyopia?

  1. An eye that wanders inward or outward
  2. Eyes that appear to not work together
  3. Poor depth perception
  4. Squinting or shutting an eye
  5. Head tilting
  6. Abnormal results of vision screening tests

If 2-3 of these occur on your eyes, you should really ask for a treatment.


When I worked before, people around me keeps on asking me to remove my eyeglasses, but me, I do not heed their advice. Because I get uncomfortably without glasses, I barely can see letters and even your face. The sales girl who told me that I suffered lazy eyes, teach me few tips so I could get well soon, well for me it’s just too hard to do it in daily.

  1. Uses glasses when you need it.
  2. Try not to overwork your eyes, get rest 3-5minutes for every 30minutes of staying on on computers, phones, televisions.
  3. Patch eyes, close your eye which is stronger.
  4. Seeking more detail advice from professionals.


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