Ghost Festival!

HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL coming soon! So I am going to share 30 NOT to do when festival is still ongoing! Hang out late Spit in the street or tree Stare at the candlelight or burning fire Step On Or Kick offering items / joss sticks along the Roadside Cover up your forehead at night; always... Continue Reading →

Short Health Fact

Hi guys! Another short fact about health that I would like to share! Do you guys know that our bodies are weak around 03.00 AM till 04.00 AM? When it’s around 03.00 AM, asthma attacks are 300 times more likely to happen due to the airways narrowing as adrenaline and anti-inflammatory hormones are at their... Continue Reading →

Body works when you are asleep!

How body works when you are asleep!   9.00 pm – 11.00 pm: At this time, your body eliminates toxic chemicals from the immune system (lymph nodes). 11.00 pm – 1.00 am: This is the time your liver eliminates poisons and rejuvenates itself. It is best to be sound asleep by 9 pm or 10 pm for... Continue Reading →

Time to change your bra ladies!

I knew it is Monday and there should not be any post for today but I have something important for you ladies! Yes ladies!, maybe you are a man but you may know about this knowledge, well no harm at all right? So today I am going to share about ‘bra’, yes bra! Do you... Continue Reading →


如果有时光机器,你是否愿意倒流时间回到过去? 如果我,我不愿意。。。   过去,虽然经历过很多开心的事,但伤心事也数不清,就如你。 很多伤痛说不清,很多眼泪数不清,很多回忆摸不清。 伤痛,虽然说不清,但伤疤依然在。 眼泪,虽然数不清,但痛楚依然在。 回忆,虽然摸不清,但我知道你在。 你在那回忆里徘徊,给的不只是快乐,也有悲伤。   我们都是彼此回忆里的过路人,我们都给于彼此不只快乐,我们现在已不是我们。。。   过去,唯独有了过去,你才会知道,其实很多事情没什么大不了的,很多事情你并不需要记挂在心。 也唯独有了过去,你才知道爱情是怎么一回事。。。 他们总说没谈过爱情的,不会明白爱情。。。 他们总是把爱情想象得很复杂。。。 他们,她们。。。   有些人,为了爱情放弃一切,却没收获 爱情真的需要物质的收获吗?   当初的我们,让我学了很多。。。 当初的我们,让我伤了不少。。。 当初的我们,说好的幸福到老。。。 当初的我们,说好的同甘共苦。。。 当初的承诺,当初的誓言。都已成了当初,但它成就了现在的我们。 现在无论多好多坏,都不想再回当初。 那些事,经历一次就够,一次就够。。。   那你呢?   Do not forget to like and follow my wordpress and fanpage on facebook! next up on Saturday 29 July about healthy tips! credits:

Lazy Eyes Alert!!!

Back to you for your health issues! I knew not everyone knows about amblyopia or lazy eye. Yes it’s a sickness for eyes which usually only occurs in one eye. I’ve been told that I suffered lazy eyes about two years ago so I hope this wordpress will actually help you! Lazy eyes is usually... Continue Reading →

The hot dramas you should watch!

Um hi! I guessed some of you will be busy tomorrow since it is Monday. I had been watching three dramas since a week ago. Let me introduce to you! Signal (2015) This drama is actually so interesting! It’s mystery, detective and fantasy genre! I love the plot, because it made me think of the... Continue Reading →

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